What If the Green Party Stopped Being Kooky and Started Getting Real?

  • August 7, 2016

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What If The Green Party Stopped Being Kookey And Started Getting Real?

By CHRISTOPHER HOOKS, Politico Magazine

Later in the day, Ndgo took part in a joint strategy session with some fellow Sanders supporters and some Green Party vets. Bernie vets talked excitedly about what they had learned as part of a big-money Democratic organizing effort — the technology they had used for mobilizing volunteers and allowing coordination in ways they had not previously experienced. The Greens, they thought, could and should do something similar.

Ndgo took charge of the meeting. Two of her technically-adept friends would be creating a clearinghouse of information to connect Bernie-or-Busters with Green Party organizations and attempt to bring more than a “small fraction” of ex-Sanders supporters on board. And Ndgo’s friends had a PAC, Citizens Against Plutocracy, which aimed to fundraise and heavily campaign for Stein and against Clinton with Sanders-aligned constituencies.