The Bernie Protesters Outside the Gates Won’t Change Anything, But I Respect Them

  • July 25, 2016

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The improbability of a 74-year old socialist senator touching off this kind of emotion among so many different people is such a cosmic longshot that coming close is worse than losing by 20 lengths. So they set up the camera, and Anne Kleinherz took center stage along with YahNe Ndgo, a singer and activist from nearby Germantown. But, first, there was a little stage managing to be done.

“Yo, man.” The camera operator said to a man at the back of the crowd, “Cool it with the ganja, OK? Sends the wrong message.”

Anne and YahNe went through three takes of their personal appeals to Sanders to leave the hall and join them there, in the swelter of the afternoon, to take charge of the revolution that his candidacy had wrought in their hearts. Anne went last.