The Better World: Mission Possible

The goal is an end to poverty. The goal is a protected planet.

The goal is a life connected, transcendence, transformative creativity, the beloved community.

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About YahNé Ndgo

YahNé Ndgo is a writer, singer and the mother of a young woman who is also a creator.

YahNé Ndgo is one of a nation of Freedom Builders in Ubuntu Freedom, supporting the development a global network of free communities based on the Principles of Freedom inspired by Ubuntu – “I am because you are.” She is organizing with land for liberation through Landing Freedom, and has launched and works on several projects of Landing Freedom, that align with the Principles of Freedom, including The Care Space Project, Curbfest, and the Annual Maroon Legacy Prisoners’ Families Brunch. She is a member of the Black Alliance for Peace.

YahNé is working to Free Mumia Abu Jamal, Free Kamau Sadiki, Imam Jamil Al-Amin and other Political Prisoners, and has already helped bring home and continues to support and work with many liberated Political Prisoners.

She works in partnership with other organizers to imagine and build a completely new world paradigm, and on social justice issues including Black and Indigenous solidarity, abolition of police, prison, and all carceral systems, housing justice, food justice, and environmental harmony.

As a Globalist and Pan Africanist YahNé organizes with a range of activists around the globe, working directly with those on the ground in nations around the world. She was a Core Organizer of Black Lives Matter Philly, was a guiding force in the BLM10 call for accountability of BLM Global Network, and helped launch the Black Philly Radical Collective.

YahNé has an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature with a focus on Literary Nonfiction from Bennington College and studies voice with Owen Valentine. She uses her art to convey messages of liberation, love, positivity, and courage, to create transformative projects, and to encourage others, letting them know they are never alone in their struggles and celebrations.

YahNe’s driving force is love. She loves you. This is why she fights for you. She will fight until we’ve won.