The Better World: Mission Possible

The goal is an end to poverty. The goal is a protected planet.

The goal is a connected humanity, transcendence, the beloved community.

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About YahNé Ndgo

YahNé Ndgo is a writer, singer and global activist who is among those building Ubuntu Nation, an international community coordinating efforts to assure that basic living rights, peace, equity, and freedom are enjoyed across the earth. She is the mother of a 19 year old young woman who is also a singer and writer.

After an authentic appearance on CNN during which she discussed her stance on the 2016 election race, YahNé was cast into the international spotlight. Her insights and inspirations became quickly and persistently sought by groups large and small, local and international, and she responds affirmatively to such requests as much as possible, eager to connect with as many as she can and nurture the progressive movement. As her veracity is more deeply revealed, her appeal has only increased. She is eager to use this new level of visibility to further her goals to promote Global transformation and usher in The Better World she believes we are all eager for.

YahNé has an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature with a focus on Literary Nonfiction from Bennington College. She owns Deep Blu Womyn Company, a boutique consulting firm that provides marketing, branding business coaching and development to small businesses, organizations, individuals, and officials whose operations are aligned with her humanitarian and Earth centered principals.

YahNé uses her art to convey messages of positivity, create transformative projects, and to encourage others, letting them know they are never alone in their struggles and celebrations.

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